B Ward Powers


     My daily prayer, with which I begin

each day, began as a hymn attributed

to Mary Xavier (1877), which I have

redesigned and reworded to some extent

to sum up my personal needs and requests.

Feel free to use it if it relates to you also.

Also, may be sung to Belleville, Victoria

Street, Wentworth, or other 8484 tune.


Lord, for tomorrow and its need

            I do not pray;

Let me be kind in word and deed,

            Just for today.


Make me, dear Saviour, pure within

            In every way;

Keep me my God from stain of sin

            Just for today.


Let me both diligently work

            and duly pray;

Let there be no good task I shirk

            Just for today.


Let me be slow to do my will,

            prompt to obey;

Help me to please you, Saviour, still

            Just for today.


Let me no wrong or idle word,

            unthinking, say -

Let no false speech of mine be heard,

            Just for today.


Let me be faithful to your grace,

            And, come what may,

A light for you in every place,

            Just for today.


And if today this life of mine

            Should ebb away

I gladly trust your love divine

            For timeless day.


So for tomorrow and its needs

            I do not pray;

Still keep me, guide me, love me, Lord,

            Just for today.