B Ward Powers

All his followers forsook him, hiding in an upper room.
And then Joseph came and took him, and he laid him in a tomb.
And sweet spices the women bought him, waiting through the Sabbath day;
Then at early dawn they sought him - but the stone was rolled away.

And the angel said, “This Jesus has been killed by sinful men
But he promised on the third day that he [then] would rise again.
So why seek now for the living in a tomb amongst the dead?
He is NOT here - he has risen just exactly as he said.”

Two were walking to Emmaus - so downhearted, filled with fear;
And they did not see that Jesus was the one who had drawn near.
But he taught them, and they knew him in the breaking of the bread,
And they ran to tell the others: “He has risen from the dead!”

In a room within Jerusalem, and behind a bolted door,
On a Galilean mountain, at a fire upon the shore,
When he rose from the Mount of Olives, then indeed his disciples saw
That he IS the Lord of Glory, and he lives for evermore

(metre: 8787D: music by Philip Powers available - please email)