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Chapter Five: The Third Declension of Greek NounsLearn to Read the Greek New Testament - cover

by B Ward Powers

no English to Greek - only actual Bible verses as examples/exercises


The Third Declension of koine Greek nouns is a notoriously difficult section of grammar to understand. Greek has twenty regular patterns for nouns of the Third Declension, and there are many common “irregulars”. This book sets out (Appendix D) all twenty regular patterns, shows how they are derived by six simple linguistic rules from four basic patterns - and then discusses one by one all of the Third Declension irregulars that occur in the Greek New Testament. This quite takes all the mystery out of the Third Declension.

A detailed table of contents for chapter 5 and Appendix D is shown below.

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5.1 How To Find Your Way Through The Third Declension

5.2 Third Declension Vowel Stems

5.3 Third Declension Masculine and Feminine Consonant Stems

5.4 Slightly Irregular Third Declension Masculine and Feminine Nouns; Neuter Nouns

5.5 Third Declension Neuter Consonant Stems

5.6 Learning the Third Declension?

5.7 The Declension of Adjectives: First and Second Declension Pattern

5.8 The Declension of Adjectives: First and Third Declension Pattern

5.9 Notes Re The Greek New Testament Selections


D0 The Greek Declension System

D1 The First Declension

D2 The Second Declension

D3 The Third Declension

D4 Adjectives

D5 Participles

D6 Pronouns

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